It's now official. The producers of PARENTAL CONTROL have changed their criteria considerably in their most recent casting notice. They now say this about the MTV dating show that is supposedly about parents setting up a date for a son or daughter in an effort to break up their current relationship:

“This show is all about having a good time, and really 90 percent of the people who do the show, aren’t real couples with awful problems. They are best friends, ex’s, even couples who are willing to “play along” for the sake of doing the show! So, aspiring, models, actors, anyone who wants to get a start in entertainment and have a great time and get paid doing it, then this is for you! We are casting for Families so that’s: Mom/Dad, Son/Daughter and Boyfriend/Girlfriend. So if your parents don’t live in SOCAL, find a best friend who wants to do the show and let’s have their parents do the show! AND each member of the family get’s paid for the show, so ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for the family, just to have a good time, be on MTV, and get treated like a celeb for the shoot.”
You must live in or around Los Angeles and appear to be between the ages of 18-24. All ethnicities and sexual preferences wanted. If interested, email your name, age, city/town you live in, phone number and some RECENT photos of yourself to: Casting is on-going.

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